T-Shirt – cotton and elastane

SKU: 2804

This stylish T-Shirt made from super-soft blend of stretch jersey Egyptian Makò cotton and elastane. Featuring a crew neckline, incredibly smooth and comfortable, it offers a sheen and silky touch, a masculine shape and could easily be worn outdoors for light leisure activities, sporty moments or casual chic occasions.

90% cotton 10% Elastane


Product Description

Stretchy and enveloping, this jersey is composed of 90% pure Egyptian Makò cotton and 10% Elastane, ideal for athletic men looking for a close-fitting garment and the utmost freedom of movement.

Since the birth of the company, the choice of Oscalito has been to use only precious natural fibers,  whether of ancient origins or high technological, refined by treatments that respect the environment and have the wealth of customers as main purpose.
Oscalito will be your most confortable and pleasant second skin, offering you that masculine touch that makes you attractive and unique.