Sku70 -Short Sleeves Shirt

SKU: 70

Short Sleeves Shirt made of a heavy flat knit fabric in Pure Egyptian Makò cotton, extremely comfortable upon the skin due to its capacity to absorb up to 20% of water vapour without any unpleasant feeling of dampness. Featuring no side seams construction and crew neckline, uniquely pleasant and comfortable Oscalito’s heavy cotton T-shirt is resistant to high temperatures, tolerates frequent washing well and is particularly suited for colder seasons.


Product Description

Since the birth of the company, the choice of Oscalito has been to use only precious natural fibers,  whether of ancient origins or high technological, refined by treatments that respect the environment and have the wealth of customers as main purpose.

Women have to give themselves a second skin, the most comfortable and versatile possible, maintaining that seductive touch that makes them attractive and unique.

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